Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreamcrusher Double Rye IPA

Anticipation has been high for the second custom bottling from the fledgling Deep Ellum Brewery and  the Dreamcrusher Double Rye IPA does not disappoint. Aromas of bright citrus, pine resin, orange peel and coriander are in your face the moment you pour the Dreamcrusher into a glass. The pine yields to rich citrus as the beer opens up in the glass, revealing warm rich flavors of broiled grapefruit. The bitter hoppiness forms a protective arch through the long, rich creamy finish while the rye gives a crisp dryness which keeps Dreamcrusher light on its feet.  The balance is quite remarkable and surprisingly smooth for such a big boy. Dreamcrusher clocks in at 9.7% ABV and packs 100+ IBU’s. In two words, powerful and delicious!
At this point Deep Ellum does not have a bottling line. All beer goes into kegs and is sold at local brew pubs. Dreamcrusher is their second custom 'hand' bottling and will be available exclusively at Sigel's Texas Fest, Saturday March 9 at Sigel's Elite at the intersection of Cole and Fitzhugh in the Uptown neighborhood.

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