Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great Moments of Retail v1.06: You Can't Have It!

As an industry we do some really dumb things.  For instance....

Whenever a spectacular vintage of a particular wine is released several things are likely to happen. The action/reactions follow a similar pattern usually depending on who owns the wine. It's classic supply and demand. Those who have it want to hold on to it, raise the price and save it for themselves or for customers with insider connections. Those who don't have it want to purchase the wine and those who have favored or insider connections will be able to purchase some.

The great thing is that this model works on all levels where the wine changes hands. From supplier to wholesaler, from wholesaler to retailer, from retailer to customer. The bad thing is that the average customer never sees the wine. All that's left for him is the lesser quality bottlings that still carry the same high price tag. On those special occasions when the customer buys one of these lesser quality bottlings, he is invariably disappointed.

What a great model!

Who would train a dog like this???

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