Saturday, July 15, 2017

What's Buzzin' in My Head: Tequila

No, it's not that. I did not sample a few too many last night. Though I did mean to have a spot of something but I fell asleep instead.

No, I attended a tasting, well it was more like a seminar on artisanal Agave distillates with the legendary Tequila producer and advocate David Suro. David is from Jalisco but wound up opening a Mexican restaurant twenty years ago in Philadelphia that he ambitiously named Tequilas, although at the time he could only source five major label Tequilas from the state controlled liquor stores in Pennsylvania. For the last twenty years David has pursued the highest quality Tequilas with a passionate intensity, becoming not only a producer with his own labels, but a major voice in the industry.

And make no mistake, David loves to share his passion for all things Agave. I could go on, but go to You Tube and search David Suro Tequila and spend some time. Here's a link to a presentation he did a couple of years ago. He starts at the basics and expands. Take some time, have a glass of Tequila and enjoy.

David Suro-Pinero Presents Siembra Azul

If you want a deeper discussion read Divided Spirits by Sarah Bowen. Available from Amazon.

Divided Spirits: Tequila, Mezcal and the Politics of Production

Oh, we did taste.

Written May 2016, never posted.

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