Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wither Italian...

A customer was in the store last night and he wasn't happy with our selection of Italian Dolcetto's. As we talked it became apparent that it wasn't just our selection, but the general selection of Italian wines in Dallas. I suggested our best selling Dolcetto's, Palmina and Pavi, both of which are domestic and quite delicious. Well, that was a less than successful suggestion. He comes from a city with more Italian influence. But all was not lost, he was happy with our Rose and Spanish selections and it's always fun to have a customer who is knowledgeable and has opinions. But selling fine Italian wines has always been difficult. They are veiled in mystery to many of our customers and pricing is high. In January I had the opportunity to attend VINO2009 in New York and do some intensive tastings of Brunello and Nebbiolo. I will discuss these tastings in future posts.

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